Thursday, February 20, 2014

Peek A Boo!

Henry is in everything now.  And I mean everything. He has been crawling for a few months, and is now a pro at pulling himself up to stand and "cruise" around.  He is especially attracted to outlets in the wall, which are "babyproofed" with those little socket covers that slide into the slots.  I may have to readdress the effectiveness of those, since Henry enjoys simply pulling them out from the sockets and trying to eat them.  Yikes.  He also has discovered the ability to open the lower cupboards in the kitchen.  The fascination with opening the cupboards and pulling out the contents is something that I was expecting, since his older siblings both enjoyed doing it.  Our solution for them was to have one cabinet that they were allowed to go through.  We are in the process of redirecting Henry to that cupboard each time he opens a different one, and he definitely enjoys playing in there.  The other day he kept reaching a little further in...then a little further...until he was all the way in.

It was adorable, but it particularly squeezed my heartstrings because I remember seeing another little one in that exact same position about five years ago. 

Sienna used to L-O-V-E that little cabinet and would even play peek-a-boo in there when she got older.  Can you believe that is my big girl?  She was so tiny, and really, Henry constantly reminds me of Sienna as a baby.  Those big round cheeks and blue eyes, and just their baby faces side by side shares a strong resemblance.  Look at how sweet my little (big) girl was!

These aren't the best side-by-side comparison photos, but can you see the resemblance?  Or am I the only one?
And here they are together this week, playing peek-a-boo.  Sienna is an amazing big sister to both Charlie and Henry.  She is patient, loving, playful, and attentive.  At the end of the video you can get a little peek into Henry's latest attention-grabbing tactic.  (Listen for the loud shrieking/screaming).

Since this post has been very Sienna and Henry-centric, here's a shot of Charlie strumming on David's guitar this week - obviously he's really happy that I'm taking his picture!
And here he is at 21 months, strumming away.
Ohhhhh, look at that little baby Charlie, he was so cute.

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