Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nenna's Easter Dress

Here, as promised, is the dress I made Nenna for Easter -sorry it's a little late! I finished it Easter morning before church (not like I procrastinated or anything)...I used this tutorial from Make It and Love It ( and I'm really pleased with the finished product. My original intention was for the pattern to fall in the vertical direction, but then I didn't have enough yardage for that to work. I was surprised at how much I love it the way it turned out! I also like the mismatched fabric for the bow...forgive me, I was channeling Mondo hehe. I did mess up the elastic casing in the waistband - I was not sewing straight enough and I think sewed over the elastic in the back when I was sealing the opening for the casing. So the cinching in the waist is pretty uneven - whoops! Nenna loved it- she said it was "wonderful!" Ready to head to my parent's for Easter dinner:
By this time, Barley had his tie off and shirt untucked. And his shoes may have been on the wrong feet. Oh well.
It was also my hubby's birthday! I'm so grateful to be married to him. #1 Husband, #1 Dad. I gave him this special running gear, as he requested. Can I brag for a minute and say my hubby's a great runner? He did the NYC marathon last year! His determination is amazing.
One last thing: I've been dying to make myself something, and I think that will be one of my next projects. I found this fabric in Joann's from a line by April from Project Runway for 50% off and I am going to make it into a skirt! So excited!

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  1. Fun!! You're a blogger!! Love the dress! And I agree: takes serious determination to run a marathon!! Can't wait to see you sporting the polk-dot skirt! :)