Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pint-Sized Superhero

Recently, my wonderful friend Erin's sweet little boy turned one. I was trying to figure out what to get for him, since he has a lot of toys and clothes handed down from his big brother (such a cutie, he's 3). Well, I drew my inspiration from his big brother in the end, who loves wearing a Superman shirt that has a cape attached to it. I thought, "I bet his little brother would love his own superhero cape!" (Translation: Awww Dominick would look so cute in a little cape!) So I took a cute little boy's romper and sewed on a cape made with soft Superman flannel backed with blue felt. I used pre-made bias tape, but it was super thin and a real pain (which is why there are so many mistakes- sorry, Erin!) Barley was gracious enough to model it for me (even though it's pretty snug on him hehe).
From the back:
In action!
Perfect for chasing bad guys...or big sisters (who are sometimes one and the same to Barley).
I hope you enjoy it, Dominick!

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  1. Cailtin, this was the most amazing gift! Not only was it fun & useful but i could tell Dom felt important as soon as he put it on:) Of course jackie thought it was fun that his little brother was a super hero too! Your def a talented artist & a treasured friend:)