Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Zip-Up Clutch For a Friend

My friend just moved to Italy for a few months to work for the organization Young Life. I'm so excited for her and wanted to give her a little something fun for her trip that would be useful but cute too! I thought a little zip-up clutch would be perfect because she'll need to keep all her bits and bobs organized while living away from home. (In case you're wondering, I pick up fun phrases like "bits and bobs" from my English husband). :-) I saw this really cute gathered clutch tutorial here on the blog Noodlehead and got started! I didn't bother putting in any card holders or dividers as I envisioned this being more of a make-up or jewelry holder. I love how it turned out!
And here's the back:
This is my second time sewing in a zipper, and it's really not difficult! I don't know why I was afraid of them for so long. Now if I can only overcome my aversion to the buttonhole foot for my sewing machine...
This was a great tutorial and a fun clutch to make. My friend loves it too! Now I want to make one for myself. :-)

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  1. nice work Caitlin! I LOVE what you're doing on this blog. =)