Monday, June 3, 2013

Felt Playhouse for the Kids (A Successful Sew!)

Before Charlie was born, I decided I wanted to have a gift for Sienna to open "from Charlie" after we brought him home from the hospital.  I saw this adorable playhouse on the website Homemade by Jill and thought something like that would be perfect!  And so began the most time-consuming sewing project I have ever done.  I wondered if it was worth all that time and effort, but after three years of play and seeing the kids still loving it, I am convinced that it was!  When Henry gets a little older, he'll be able to join in the fun too.  The house fits over an Ikea table we have, that I pull out into the center of the room.  When playtime is over, the whole thing folds up and I store it in one of those oversized Ziploc bags made of heavy duty plastic.  Would you like a little tour of the house?  
The house also works as superhero headquarters.

You've got mail!

On one side of the house is our window box filled with flowers.

Flowers need plenty of water!  The watering can has strips of Velcro on the back so it sticks to the house.

The flowers are hand sewn and the stems are filled with pipe cleaners to give them structure.
Peek a boo!

The curtains can be open or closed.

The back of our house has a totally unrealistic fruit tree (but how great would it be if one tree produced all of that fruit?) and a basket for collecting it.  The tree also houses a little owl friend.

Thanks for coming, see you later!


  1. WOW. That is so adorable and impressive! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. First off, love your blog Caitlin! Your children are beautiful and so big! That sewn play house is amazing!! Much Love, Emma Rucci