Saturday, June 22, 2013

Photo Catch-up: Part 1

We've been busy around here and I have not gotten around to uploading pictures from the last couple of weeks.  So I'll do a few posts to just catch you up on what's been going on.  First up is a photo shoot of Henry with Batman, which (as you can see) went downhill rather quickly!


 Last week Sienna had her first field day.  It had been rescheduled twice (it rained on the rain date!) and luckily it was a gorgeous day.  I brought the boys to go watch; I think Charlie wanted to join all of the big kids in their relays.  Sienna had a lot of fun!
Singing, "You're a Grand Old Flag"

Frog jump relay

Don't trip over that shoelace!

Jumping over the hurdle or doing a funky dance?

A cute relay where they had to put all of these red, white, and blue accessories on

Water break!

Here you can see Sienna in action: The first relay involved balancing a dodgeball inside of a cone while running, and Sienna did well (once she was able to get the ball and put it in the cone).  The second relay was rolling an innertube to the cone and running back with it.  She took her time just a liiiiitle bit more with this one.  I think she wanted to be extra careful that it wouldn't fall!


  1. Love these pics.... and this awesome blog!!